Creation Care Currency

Prosperity without Money

What is proposed in our network is an economic philosophy; a new economic system, which we believe our nation the world desparately needs. Why the title "Creation Care Currency'? Earth is a world that is currently surviving because of money and desparately needs care. Currency saturates and supports our national economy as well as International economies. Currency saturates the economies of states, cities and towns. It saturates the lives of all humans. We are creating our world with money! It chains us to our lives. It controls the markets, our banks, our businessess, our health care and ultimately, our freedom. Every aspect of our society is driven by currency. It is time to challenge and transfrom our conceptions of "currency" and move away from our debt driven economy.

Imagine for a moment a "currency" system without money, without bills and without debt: Creation Care Currency

Our world is in trouble. Countries, as humans souls, as Earth citizens, are in trouble. We are rapidly descending into an abyss of uncontrollable debt, loss of values, unhappiness and emptiness. We have lost touch with our hearts and with the rest of the world. We have nearly lost our humanity and are in need of a whole new way of surviving the coming collapse of capitalism. Capitalism has always had its own demise in sight, its own doom built inherently into its basic philosophy and existence. To acquire for greater and greater personal gain, to allow unending corporate growth, to expand to the ends of the Earth and to the ends of materialism is a system that has no light or hope in the end. It is a system that leads to spiritual and environmental death and destruction--swallowing up all the resources of the world without regard or consideration for anyone or anything. Capitalism is not freedom and today, world communities are realizing that it's not anything that humanity could possibly sustain. 

What is needed is an economic system that is built on compassion for all humans--a system that is built on sharing rather than taking, on giving rather then acquiring, on helping rather than withholding. What is needed is an economic system that respects our limited resources on this planet--that respects all living creatures and natural systems that keep us alive and healthy. What is needed is an economic system that respects each other and our children--our future generation. Most important of all--we need an economic system that not only rids us of debt but one that does not allow debt creation. 

World Trust Media Network believes that there is a solution right now and, within our network, a solution to the crisis that we have created will be presented. But, as you read on, keep an open mind--keep an open heart and I think you might possibly relate to the proposal of "Creation Care Currency, Prosperity without Money".

Creation Care Currency and Economic Philosphy
Imagine a world where all human beings can live, eat, work, learn, explore, enjoy life, share and be happy without money. Imagine a currency system that never has a billing statement--a currency system that you can neverthat never runs dry and yet, a currency system without debt! It's not an impossible dream. All things in this world have comefrom imaginationn and dream. Someone first imagined every aspect of our lives--the table we sit at or the care we drive. We are living in a world that is a kaleidoscope of everyone ele's dreams. Its time for a new concept of economic prosperity; a dream that is truly humanitarian; a dream that desires economic prosperity for all people--not just a select few. Prosperity without money is a possible reality u tthe possibility lies in one belief and fundatmental value: helping others.

Its time to radicaly transform our perception about money and "currency". Rather than det creation, currency should be understood as something all people are entitled to--something that they deserve by being part of the human community here on Earth. Creation Care Currency, from its beginning, would be a foundation totally based on helping each other. We are not proposing a barter system. We are proposing something much greater--a radical change in our beliefs and in our actions--a leap forward in trust and faith to a time of peace and widespread prosperity on this planet. 

Currently, our system of money has no real value. It has only an artifical or forced value--fiat money (money that is no longer tied to gold or anything concrete or substantial). In 1971, our government shifted to fiat money. Since most of the economies in the Western world were tied to the US economy, their monetary base also switched to fiat. Before this, the value of money was tied to gold, silver or some kind of commodity.  Our currency today has no real value .Its just printed paper. All money supported "prosperity" that is enjoyed by the developed world today is fale prosperity. Thus, to create "Prosperity without Money" really means creating a true and meaningful econonmic value system linked to something real -- human action!

We have to start somewhere. We are going to have to gradually dissolve the money or false value system we currently rely on as a new economic value systems and real prosperity are created. We are going to have to dissolve the debt mentality that has been forced on our society by the banking industry and the Federal Reserve. (The Federal Reserve, contrary to its name, is a central bank owned by private individuals. These idvidiuals control our government as well as the banks in this country--controllling us through expanding cycyles of debt.)

Alternatively, Creation Care Currency will be established by humanitarian organizations, non-profits and donations. Once network is established as well as our infrastructure and system to manage it, every person in the world would then have the opportunity to utilize and earn Creation Care Currency. However, cuurency can not be earned until each person creates care to memebers within our network. Every aspect of our society is in need of help--hopsitals, road and ridge construction, elderly care systems, schools, etc. As people give their time and skills to these needs, they build currency. 

It is the people who are in the real need right now who can makee use of this the most. Money from the fund would be turned into credit as things actually get done, as people actually are helped. The person who lost his job two months ago and cannot pay their mortgage needs help right now! They need help combined with a method of building pride and dignity. The current social welfare and unemployment systems do not help to build any aspect of personal self-worth.

This whole era of "unemployment" is one of the negative creations of capitalism and global corporate expansion and its is a false reality that socieites have been duped into. The infrastructure of the world is sadly in need of upgrades, transformation and sustainable change. Human society itself is crumbling due to increasing apathy, isolation and despair. The faact is that ther are potential jos at every level of our society that could enrich and empower individuals and communities. 

Every single community around the world has the potential to create meaningful jobs for every one of their citiznes. all that is needed is a new economic model--a new way of managing community  wealth and resources as well as a new way of compensation for human service--all within a unified vision for a better and more sustainable future for all. Current capitalist economic models are ones that take (steal) community resources, communicty wealth, communicty pride and dignity. NO person, in any community who is willing to help others and work, should ever be "unemployed" nor should they never be denied their basic economic rights: food, shelter, healthcare, etc.

Now, we know that this all sounds somewhat idealistic, but we think a new economic model such as Creation Care Currency would offer hope. For instance, say someone looses their job. Rather than sitting home depressed, I can go help out at a homeless shelter, give rides to the elderly or offer my time, abilities or skills in a meaningful way to others. Our Creation Care Currency economy system provides a card that is validated with currency at an extremely fair exchange. The hours they have given to help others or the hours they work serving a greater cause than themselves are refelcted as credit (units of human service value) on ones Creation Care Currency Card. A person can now pay their mortgage or buy groceries. But most importantly, they have given something of themsevles, they have overcome their own needs to help others and they feel better about themselves. That is the KEY TO THIS WHOLE IDEA. It is this aspect of the plan that will help change the philosophy in our country about money and economics. 

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